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How MoyaApp is delivering top quality datafree services across South Africa

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MoyaApp, a leading SuperApp in South Africa and one of only seven locally-developed apps with over 10 million downloads, provides users with data-free chat and content. Users can enjoy a variety of web services without incurring data charges, requiring only an active SIM card. Its popular web services include sports, news, weather, and more. MoyaPay, an integral component of MoyaApp, provides datafree banking, low-cost transactions, and essential services such as airtime and electricity purchases. Serving as a premier digital advertising platform, MoyaApp facilitates brand connections with a vast audience, ensuring unique visibility as ads are delivered to users without consuming their data.

“At MoyaApp, we are on a mission to redefine digital experiences in South Africa. With over 10 million downloads, we stand out as a SuperApp offering datafree chat, content, and essential services.”

Overcoming hosting challenges

Previously hosted in Ireland, MoyaApp faced high costs and latency challenges that impacted its South African customer base. Switching to 1-grid's Cape Town data centre proved to be a pivotal decision, leading to substantial cost reduction and enhanced responsiveness of the platform. This seamless migration was the result of a collaborative effort between MoyaApp and 1-grid's technical teams, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance post-migration.

“Moving our hosting from Ireland to 1-grid's Cape Town data centre was a game-changer for us. The transition not only slashed costs but also eliminated latency issues that were impacting our South African user base. 1-grid's efficient servers and seamless migration were instrumental in enhancing our platform's performance.”

Empowering growth through partnership

To realise MoyaApp's mission to deliver top-quality datafree services across South Africa, the company recognises the importance of efficient, reliable hosting, and cost management. The partnership with 1-grid has successfully addressed these requirements for MoyaApp's messaging services. The company is currently exploring the possibility of transitioning additional workloads to 1-grid's data center, with the potential adoption of a hybrid approach.

“As we continue to expand our datafree services across South Africa, 1-grid's infrastructure plays a crucial role in our growth strategy. Efficient, reliable hosting provided by 1-grid enables us to manage costs effectively and maintain the quality of our services.”

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