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Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo, recognised for its extensive selection of cost-effective website security solutions, holds the position of the world's largest issuer of SSL certificates.

All Comodo SSL Certificate plans include

Safety padlock
Users will see a padlock in the website address bar indicating that the site is safe to use, eliminating any “Not Secure” browser warnings.
Industry-standard encryption
Comodo SSL certificates are armed with 256-bit symmetric encryption, ensuring transactions and sensitive information are secure.
Have peace of mind – if there's an issue on Comodo's side resulting in financial loss for you, rest assured, you're protected.
Secure site seal
Comodo SSL certificates build trust by securing communication and offering visitors verified information about your business.
Improved SEO
Google encourages the use of HTTPS through an SSL certificate to provide better user security and privacy, enhancing search engine optimisation.
Some regulations and standards, especially in e-commerce and data handling, require the use of SSL to meet compliance requirements and protect user information.

Comodo SSL certificate pricing

Positive SSL


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  • 1 Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Fast Activation

Positive SSL Multi-Domain


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  • 4 Domains (add up to 100)
  • Domain Validation
  • $25,000 Warranty

Positive SSL Wildcard


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  • 1 Domain
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Domain Validation
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Fast Activation

Positive SSL Extended Validation


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  • 1 Domain
  • Extended Validation
  • $1,000,000 Warranty
  • Issued in 1-10 Days
  • Green Address Bar

Other products to keep your site secure.

Website Backup offers automated cloud-based backups, allowing you to restore your site with just one click. This ensures the safety of your website and protects your valuable data.

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  • Automated backup schedule
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