SSL certificates

Protect user data and establish trust with an SSL certificate.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate. Encrypt login and credit card data, ensuring a safe online environment for your users and protected transactions.

The benefits of an SSL certificate.

Display a safety padlock
Users will see a padlock in the website address bar indicating that the site is safe to use, eliminating any “Not Secure” browser warnings.
Industry-standard encryption
SSL certificates are armed with 256-bit symmetric encryption, ensuring transactions and sensitive information are secure.
Have peace of mind – if there's an issue on the certification authorities' side resulting in financial loss for you, rest assured, you're protected.
Establish trust and credibility
SSL certificates build trust by securing communication and offering visitors verified information about your business.
Improved SEO
Google encourages the use of HTTPS through an SSL certificate to provide better user security and privacy, enhancing search engine optimisation.
Some regulations and standards, especially in e-commerce and data handling, require the use of SSL to meet compliance requirements and protect user information.

How to get an SSL certificate.

Choose the type of certificate that meets your security needs and provide the IP address that you will be securing.
Provide your info
Submit the required information to the registering authority.
Your information will go through a verification process that can take between 1-10 days depending on the validation level.
SSL certificate is issued
Once your info has been verified and the SSL certificate created, simply add it to your website.

The different types of SSL certificates.

Domain Validation SSL
Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates offer the simplest and fastest way to secure a domain. The validation process involves confirming ownership of the domain name and once this is demonstrated, the SSL certificate is immediately issued.
Extended Validation SSL
An Extended Validation (EV) certificate stands out as the top-tier SSL certificate, offering heightened assurance to customers by showcasing verified details of your organisation. In all major web browsers, EV SSL highlights your organisation's name in green on the address bar.
Wildcard DV
A Wildcard Certificate (Domain Validated) provides secure encryption for a domain and all of its subdomains. The validation process only involves confirming ownership of the main domain and offers a cost-effective and efficient way to secure websites with multiple subdomains under a single SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate Options

Comodo and Thawte offer a range of SSL certificates with varying levels of validation and features, suitable for the different security needs of your website.

Comodo SSL Certificates

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  • Safety padlock
  • Industry-standard encryption
  • Warranties
  • Secure site seal
  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO)
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Thawte SSL Certificates

Plans starting at

  • Safety padlock
  • Industry-standard encryption
  • Warranties
  • Secure site seal
  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO)
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